What kind of Lights do you install?

For 95% of all our homes we use the incandescent C9 bulbs for the roof and incandescent mini lights for the trees and shrubs. Starting in 2018 we are now offering LED C9 options for the roof.  For the LED lights there is a higher upfront cost for the LED upgrade. Let us know if interested in LED lights.   

When I have a light burn out, what do I do?

Email wildwoodchristmaslights@gmail.com. We replace bulbs on Thursdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Once you email us, we will put you on the bulb replacement route.

Can you install mini lights on my back porch or deck and leave them?

Absolutely!  There will be a small fee to keep the lights but we can install lights anywhere it will be safe.  

I have lights already, can you install them for me?

Unfortunately we only install our own lights.  We want to be confident we are installing a product that will be free of problems.  Also, 90% of the time, the lights we have installed owned by the home owner are tangled or have excessive lights burned out that require additional time changing bulbs.  Based upon our commitment to excellence and saftely, we only install our own lights. 

My friend lives in Fenton, MO, can you install lights on their house?

No, we are committed to installing Christmas lights in Wildwood, Ballwin, Chesterfield, Ellisville, Town and Country, and Eureka and as of October 2018 we are now servicing a few areas in St. Charles County with zip codes 63368 and 63304.  We are serious about having a small geographical area so we can be quick to service your home if an issue may arise. 

Service Areas Include: 65005, 63038, 63011, 63021, 63017, 63131, 63040

How did you learn to create such amazing light displays?

We spent 3 years as apprentices in the North Pole working under the master Christmas Maker St. Nicolas Clause, AKA Santa Clause.  Through careful observation, study, and disciplined training, we acquired skills to bring a whole new level of Christmas Wonderland Decorating (CWD) to West County St. Louis.

Do you sell other Christmas decorations?

We do not sell or rent wreaths or garland but we would be happy to hang yours for an additional fee. If you are looking to set out a bazillion lighted reindeer and four manger scenes, we may not be the best fit. We have a simple offering of C9 lights on the roof and mini lights on the ground, and we try our very best to be excellent, efficient, and friendly in the process. We consider ourselves to be like the Southwest Airlines of the Christmas lights, we may not offer a steamed face towel and free cocktail, but we sure are friendly!